Abhyanga!: Total body massage using warm oil.
The ayurvedic oils used in this massage consist of a blend of vegetable oils and plants of organic origin, selected according to the persons’ constitution all of which allow optimum benefits from the massage.

This massage will:
10- Detoxify the emonctory organs, liver, kidneys, skin, intestines
10- Improve your digestive system and aid elimination.
10- Stimulate your whole body (lymphatic, respiratory, venous,
digestive and nervous sytems)
10- Improve your memory and ability to concentrate.
10- Procure a sense of rejuvenation.
10- Revitalise and animate both your body and mind.
10- Give you vitality and animate body and mind.
10- Induce a sense of calmness and well-being while infusing you with
new energy generating a feeling of love, positive thinking, and renewed
10- A release of deep seated tensions, and elimination of accumulated
And much more …

After the massage you will feel a sensation of wholeness, profoundly relaxed. Your body and spirit will be in harmony and you will experience a subtle mix of vitality and inner peace It is wise to have a well heated room available off season and during the winter and a quiet environment. The massage can be done in the open air, in a pleasing natural environment, weather permitting.

Adult Session :

“TAILAM” Duration 1 H
– allow 1h30 for the whole session
Price: 60 euros
Children’s Session (8 – 13 yrs)

Duration 1H – allow 1h30 for the whole session
Price : 50 euros