Leisure activities on site

♦ The river is right next to the Mine d’or, only 50 m from the holiday homes and B&B. You can swim, dive, sunbathe on the rocks or relax under the pine.

♦ Amateur gold washers may even be able to find a few gold specks in the river.


Nathalie Juif

Thérapeute en Ayurveda
Massages Ayurvediques

Abhyanga massage : Total body massage using warm oil.

The ayurvedic oils used in this massage consist of a blend of vegetable ils and plants of organic origin, selected according to the persons constitution all of which allow optimum benefits from the massage. After the massage you will feel a sensation of whole-ness, profoundly relaxed. Your body and spirit will be in harmony and you will experience a subtle mix of vitality and inner peace.

This massage will :

• Detoxify the emonctory organs, liver, kidneys, skin, intestines
• Improve your digestive system and aid elimination.
• Stimulate your whole body (lymphatic, respiratory, venous, digestive and nervous sytems)
• Improve your memory and ability to concentrate.
• Procure a sense of rejuvenation.
• Revitalise and animate both your body and mind.
• Give you vitality and animate body and mind.
• Induce a sense of calmness and well-being while infusing you with new energy generating a feeling of love, positive thinking, and renewed vitality.
• A release of deep seated tensions, and elimination of accu mulated

DURATION 1 H = 60€
DURATION = 45 Min Children’s Session (8 – 13 yrs)



Body awakening-Duration: 1H

Group or individual sessions incorporating yoga, gi gong, and breathing exercises for calming and reuniting your body, mind and spirit.


Our body systems are mirrored in our feet. Working with the reflex zones encourages homeostasis and helps regain the natural balance of our organism.
Base rate: 70€/1H    90€/1H30