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About us

About us

We came upon la Mine d’or after a year of looking for the perfect home for our family. We fell in love with the magic of the place, and the peace and quiet, the perfect environment for returning to your roots and for general well-being.

Just like Bertrand and Michel, we like getting close and personal with nature and sustainable development. We enjoy living in harmony with the seasons and would like to share this opportunity and our gites with guests who feel the same way as we do. Above all, we would like to welcome you warmly and amicably into our homes.

We are always looking for ways to make our accommodation more comfortable for our guests whilst also respecting the flora and the fauna…The interior design has been kept simple, made using only natural materials.

We hope that la Mine d’or remains a peaceful and harmonious place. It is the perfect place to regenerate the body and the mind, whether on your own, or with family or friends.

Nathalie et Frédéric